Spring 2017 General Meetings

Meetings are held in the Coggin College of Business (Building 42), at the University of North Florida, room 1101.

→ Meeting dates for club meetings in Spring 2017:

  • 01/31/2017
  • 2/21/2017
  • 3/14/2017
  • 4/18/2017

Meeting for Spring Semester [2017]

Meetings are held in the Coggin College of Business (Building 42), at the University of North Florida, room 1101.

→ Meeting dates for club meetings in Spring 2017:

  • 01/31/2017
  • 2/21/2017
  • 3/14/2017
  • 4/18/2017

∗All meetings begin at 9pm 


Relay4Life 2015

UNF Rotaract once again participated in Relay4Life, where we had at least one member from our team walking around the track at UNF Coxwell Amphitheater for 12 hours!!! This year’s theme was Disney, so of course we had a blast decorating and choosing our theme! For Rotaract, we chose “Tangled” as our Disney movie theme and for our product to sell and raise funds for cancer funding and research, we decided to make some delicious pancakes with chocolate milk.  It was an absolute blast and we can’t wait for next year!!

DSC_0032-001Although we had more throughout the day, here is the final picture of the night!

17690_10152628752996685_215002714369913601_nRotaract selfie status!

IMG_6277IMG_6276(Top) Our cute poster layout. (Bottom) Disney chocolate chip pancakes!

IMG_3337Our awesome table/tent, all decked our in “Tangled” deco!

Paint the Bin, UNF Homecoming 2015

As part of this year’s Homecoming Week, one of the many fun activities that clubs could participate in this year involved painting a trash bin that creatively shows the uniqueness and purpose of each club at UNF.  Here are a few looks at our bin painted by our amazing members!

11043053_799860346774571_7379189583159424352_n IMG_5998 11043053_799860343441238_6339045691959000206_n

Stop Hunger Now 2015

Once again, UNF Rotaract participated with Fletcher High School in the annual event Stop Hunger Now.  The goal is to end world hunger by packaging meals to send to families across the world.  This year, UNF Rotaract along with dozens of other volunteers packaged over 28,000 meals in less than 2 hours! We tremendously enjoy this event every year and we already can’t wait till next year.


11001816_781896435199583_6455074553780352859_nUNF Rotaract, Stop Hunger Now 2015

Angels for Allison

A group of us volunteered at Angels for Allison and we had an absolutely amazing time!! The story behind this non-profit organization is truly beautifully tragic, but out of the loss of a family’s beautiful daughter came a beautiful organization with a mission to reach out and help families and parents who have experienced the tragic loss of a child.  They will be featured in our Light Up the World Festival on April 6th, so anyone in the Jacksonville area can find them at UNF on that date!

1509801_10206270764554411_3940499644604208713_n 1798265_10206270766194452_5575638764527091289_n 10151998_10206270764714415_6878008962690723807_n 10348305_10206270766154451_1888693881851201669_n 10359208_10206270766074449_5347734784963483170_n 10407791_10206270764594412_7877250684576524206_n 10991118_10206270766034448_4798091305240006044_n 10994154_10206270764674414_4606817693014945003_n IMG_5911

1st General Meeting in the New Year!

We welcomed all our Rotaractors back in the New Year at our first general meeting for the Spring 2015 semester! We had a lot of great announcements, including our announcing our new President Elect, Silvia Posse, who has been involved with UNF Rotaract since her enrollment at UNF.  We also announced that Abbie Bernet, a dedicated Rotaract member who has a strong and dedicated relationship with Rotary, will be taking Silvia’s place as Vice President for the Spring 2o15 semester.  Congratulations Abbie and Silvia!

We also discussed some of our community events that we are working on including another trip to Habijax, Angels for Allison, Fall Bake Sale, Tutoring, and Stop Hunger Now.  More information will be posted as these event dates are set.

Our biggest international event is coming up and that is the Students Art Market (SAM), where this year all the money we raise from the event will go to Alenah’s Home, an orphanage in China dedicated to taking care of the numerous kids housed there struggling with disabilities.  The event will be in March, and more information can be found under the S.A.M tab above.

We can’t wait to see what the New Year and new semester has in store for us! Happy New Year everyone!

IMG_5427We had a blast playing a fun ice breaker game to get everyone acquainted in the new semester!

IMG_5432Oceanside Rotary member Dave Harrell came as our first speaker of the year to talk about his experience with Rotary.

Here’s a look at some of our upcoming events to look forward to!

imagesindexSAM poster

Beyond Face Value: Sara Gaver, TED Talk

Last month, one of our most inspiring members of UNF Rotaract, Sara Gaver, told her story about living with her disability on TEDxJacksonville.  Sara is an amazing and independent young lady who shared her thoughts on how she has been perceived during the course of her life based on her disability, when she should be perceived by her accomplishments, which include joining a sorority, becoming an active member of the Rotaract club, and joining three other organizations on campus.  You can hear Sara share her story as well as her solutions to change others perceptions of individuals with disabilities right here.

ted talk photoSara Gaver (right) with President, Lauren Fowler (left).


About ten of our lucky members had the opportunity to volunteer with Habitat for Humanity, or known as Habijax to the locals in Jacksonville.  They had a blast while working hard to create new homes for the community!


1781950_10153350126179972_9022150743543634535_n                                              10407683_10153350126134972_3254026470799211825_n


They even had the chance to enjoy a delicious group lunch at Firehouse Subs!

Fall Bake Sale

On Wednesday Oct. 29th, we tabled at Market Day’s themed, “Ghastly Gourmets,” to raise money to End Polio! We raised over $100, and at 66 cents per vaccination, we were able to save 173 lives that day!  Thank you to all who helped bake the night before and to everyone who came out and tabled.  We definitely have some loyal and dedicated members.










The ghastly gourmet menu included caramel apple cupcakes, smore brownies, vanilla cupcakes, brownie batter nilla wafer sandwiches, red velvet cookies and our specialty pumpkin muffins!


Brooke Sion, Community Projects Director, and Tara Lassi, Club Historian and Webmaster, were part of our set-up crew bright and early at 8:30am.  Our President Lauren Fowler was also a huge help by bringing all the materials bright and early!  A big big thanks to everyone who helped out and made this years fall bake sale such a success!