10th Annual Halloween Doors N More 2014

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This year marked the 10th annual Halloween Doors n More, organized by Community Hospice of Northeast Florida.  UNF Rotaract had an amazing time volunteering with them for another year.  Many of our members were able to dress up as some fun and exciting characters, while others were able to do a lot of other fun stuff such as serving food, leading the characters around the building, or working behind some of the amazing doors shown above.

IMG_4453Our members are dressed up and ready to go! Can you recognize our president on the right??

IMG_4458Harry Potter Gobin, Agnes, Snoopy, and the Woodland Fairy are ready to make some children smile!

IMG_4468Our Community Projects Director, Brooke Sion, and our Club Historian and Webmaster, Tara Lassi, are ready to work!

IMG_4480Looks like Darth Vader and Dave got into a misunderstanding before showtime!?

IMG_4530Three generations of UNF Rotaract Club Historian and Webmaster volunteered together at Halloween Doors n more this year!

Left to right: Krystal Martz, Andrew Smith, and Tara Lassi



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