Angels for Allison

A group of us volunteered at Angels for Allison and we had an absolutely amazing time!! The story behind this non-profit organization is truly beautifully tragic, but out of the loss of a family’s beautiful daughter came a beautiful organization with a mission to reach out and help families and parents who have experienced the tragic loss of a child.  They will be featured in our Light Up the World Festival on April 6th, so anyone in the Jacksonville area can find them at UNF on that date!

1509801_10206270764554411_3940499644604208713_n 1798265_10206270766194452_5575638764527091289_n 10151998_10206270764714415_6878008962690723807_n 10348305_10206270766154451_1888693881851201669_n 10359208_10206270766074449_5347734784963483170_n 10407791_10206270764594412_7877250684576524206_n 10991118_10206270766034448_4798091305240006044_n 10994154_10206270764674414_4606817693014945003_n IMG_5911


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