Where Are They Now?

See what our UNF Rotaract Alumni are up to below:

Our previous Club Alliance Director and Webmaster/Historian, Krystal Martz,  recently accepted an amazing opportunity for her first job as a college graduate.  She is the new Director of Administration and Programs for the World Affairs Council of Jacksonville, a non-profit organization whose mission is to inform the citizens of North Florida about current global affairs.  Krystal graduated in May with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with a minor in Gender Studies.  Congratulations Krystal and good luck with your new job!











Our Past President, Natalie Cleaveland is attending the University of Michigan as a graduate in a Ph.D. program in chemistry!  Her focus is on Analytical Chemistry and she will be spending the majority of her five years in the program as a researcher.  As for now, she is participating in two research rotations, taking courses on Analytical Chemistry, and teaching Chemistry classes to first year freshman.  Her employment title at the University is Graduate Student Instructor (GSI).  It sounds like she is off doing amazing work! Congragulations Natalie and good luck! GO BLUE!



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